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Rreconstruction of 10 kV cable line and fiber optic cable at factory ROSHEN

Our company completed works in the removal of individual sections of the existing 10 kV cable line and existing information cables on the territory of Vinnytsia confectionery factory №2, in connection with the construction of a new building.

The need for removal of lines has emerged due to the fact that the existing 10 kV cable lines from substation 110/10 kV “VCF” were partially at construction site.
By the design solutions of cable line 10 kV it is envisaged cabling of six groups of single-phase cables with insulation of cross-linked polyethylene with aluminum working core, with longitudinal and radial seal of XnRUHAKXS 12/20 1x500 mark and with copper screen the section of which is 50 mm2 of “TELE-FONIKA Cable S.A.” production.
The designed cables, with the help of cable clutches, are connected to existing cable line in two points, between which cable lines are running through new cable runs avoiding foundations of new building. In the places of running of new cable lines under long-term thoroughfare on the territory of the factory, for the protection of cable are used cases of steel pipe.

The need for removal of fiber- optic cable is caused by the fact that the existing line of information cable was partially at construction site of new building of Vinnytsia confectionary factory №2 and under long-term automobile thoroughfare.

New route of information cable involves minimization of intersections with other underground utilities, and also the protection of cables with the help of double-walled corrugated polyethylene pipe and steel pipe in particularly dangerous places.

Also, for the convenience of installation and operation on the track line are installed special observation wells. Connection of new sites to those lines that remain unchanged is done with the help of special couplings of information cables.

Rreconstruction of 10 kV cable line and fiber optic cable at factory ROSHEN