Podilskiy Energoconsulting

General contract: photovoltaic power plant «Velyton-2,5»

In a status of general contractor was fulfilled complete spectrum of works – from design to commissioning of photoelectric solar power plant “Velyton-2,5” in urban village Novooleksiivka, Henichesk district Kherson region.

Characteristics of the object:

  • Installed capacity – 2500 KW.
  • Number of PV panels ТР660Р type – 10 406 items.
  • Total peak power of PV panels is 2 705,56 KW.
  • Inverter stations: TKS C 1250 – 2 items.
  • Area of land plot is 5,32 hectares.
  • Per year PV power plant generates 3,379  million kWh.
  • Economy of СО2 up to 3 318,178 tons per year.

Terms of realization of the project: development of the project – 45 days; construction and installation works – 90 days.

General contract: photovoltaic power plant «Velyton-2,5»