Podilskiy Energoconsulting

LLC “Rengy Bershad”

Rengy Development group of companies was established in 2009 with the purpose to invest in and develop renewable energy projects. At present the Company operates in Ukraine and Armenia concentrating primarily on solar and wind energy. We are also researching the hydro energy potential in several markets with the objective to enter this segment in 2013.
LLC “Rengy Bershad” belongs to the group of companies and LLC “Podilskyi Energoconsulting” construction of Photovoltaic Power Plant LLC “Rendgy Bershad” on the territory of the village council of Chernyatka, Bershad district, Vinnytsia region of capacity 7.0 MW.
Total number of photovoltaic panels of Photovoltaic Power Plant is 31,614 pcs. of unit capacity of 245 watt.