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PJSC “Poltava mining complex”

PJSC “Poltava mining complex” is one of the biggest producers of crude ore. As a producer of concentrated crude ore the company takes third place in Ukraine and as a producer of iron-ore pellets it takes the second place. The amount of produced iron-ore pallets on the Ukrainian market is 46,5 %. The complex is the main exporter of crude ore in Ukraine (85%).
“Poltava mining complex” was founded in 1970. In 1994 the company has been reorganized into PJSC “Poltava mining complex” and in 1995-2001 it was fully privatized.
Ferrеxpo plc has 100% of Ferrexpo AG shares which in its turn has 97,31 % of “Poltava mining complex” shares.

Project power of the company
Mining of crude ore – 24 000 thousands of tons
Production of concentrate – 7 50 thousands of tons
Production of iron-ore pellets – 7 500 thousands of tons
Production of broken stone – 2 000 thousand cubic meter