Podilskiy Energoconsulting

State Enterprise NPC “UKRENERGO”

In “Ukrenergo” there are 8 power systems (separated entities), having 32 divisions, which are responsible for direct operation of backbone and inter-state transmission lines.
"NPC "Ukrenergo" Activity Directions:
to provide the integrity of the integrated Power System of Ukraine
(IPS), to satisfy interests of the state, power-supply enterprises of all kinds of property in the field of providing them with power energy via 220 and higher kV transmission lines and by inter-
state transmission lines, and also to satisfy interests of consumers who has direct agreements with "NPC "Ukrenergo" on power supply;
to provide centralized operational-and-technological control of IPS of Ukraine and at the same time to ensure reliable parallel work of hydro-, nuclear- and thermo-power plants, connected by main-line electrical grids;
to provide a reliable transmission of energy to the power-supply companies and consumers;
to provide operation of WEM by means of centralized control and transmission of electric energy via Main and Inter-State grids onthe basis of agreements with the SE "Energorynok" and other members of WEM.