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DTGO South-west Railway

For more than 130 years South-West Railway transports passengers and baggage.

In order to understand its importance, its place in the structure of our country you only have to have a look at the map of railways of Ukraine: there are its tracks in 11 districts. More than a third passenger and almost one fifth cargo transportations from the amount of national transportations of the country are done by South-West Railway.

The notion railway is associated with exact, regular and safe movement. Numerable staff of South-West Railway clearly understands scales and importance of put on it tasks, it aims to work hard and safely. Station complexes and railway stations are renovated by the hands of our good workers, rail track and contact network become safer, alarm and connection facilities are improved, new technologies of transportation are inculcated, healthy establishments are regenerated, and new housing buildings are constructed.

Much strength is directed in order to increase level of service for passengers and owners of luggage.